Cameron Anderson




Znano is a simple tracker for Zcash cryptocurrency mining statistics using

I used nanopool for a short time and wanted a nicer way to view mining statistics, so I created this app and decided to publish it.


WIU Stickers

This is a sticker pack that can be used in iMessage to send your Western Illinois University spirit.

I created this as iMessage applications were new and I saw the opening to add more school spirit. Through this, I learned the process of submitting apps and updates to the App Store as well as getting trademark permission.


Master’s Project

This project was a two player asymmetrical virtual reality maze game created using Unreal Engine and an HTC Vive.


VR Player

The VR Player is able to see the whole map and fly around while in Virtual Reality. They are then supposed to guide the TV Player through the maze.

TV Player

The TV Player gets the view of the person in the maze on a TV screen or computer monitor. They can move their character using an Xbox controller. The only guidance they get to navigate through the maze comes from the VR Player.



Coins can be picked up by the TV Player to increase the score.



The AI wander around the map until they see the TV Player. Once seen, they chase the TV Player. If they catch the TV Player, it is game over.


Night mode

In night mode, the only light to see the map comes from a headlamp on the VR Player. So the map is only lit up where they are looking.